Q.) When should I order?
A.) As soon as you know your requirements, your order will be allocated against inventory. Orders placed 12 to 18 months in advance will appear on our "to grow" list. Your order acknowledgment numbers may need to be adjusted in September, when we have a fixed count.
Q.) Do I need to order in even flat numbers?
A.) With a 2 ¼" pot size, you need to order in multiples of 50 and with a 30 count tray, you need to order in multiples of 30, as we are unable to break up flats. With a 4 ½" or Quart pot size, you can order any quantity. Multiples of 15 will make even flat numbers, and be most efficient for handling.
Q.) How many plants fit in a shipping box?
A.) We have various sizes of boxes and will ship quantities according to your needs.

Q.) What is my minimum quantity for an order?
A.) When you pick up your order we do not have a minimum. We require a minimum of sixteen flats to ship an order via our common carrier agents. Your shipping charges will decrease, as a percentage of your total charges, as the number of flats increase.
Q.) What kind of deposit and pre-payment do you require?
A.) Non-established customers are required to secure their order with a 20% deposit. Payment for plants and freight is to be received prior to shipping for non-established customers.
Q.) When should I receive my plant material?
A.) The optimum time to receive your order is after our last frost date, when your labor, space and materials are available.
Q.) Can you ship my plants in early spring?
A.) If we know well in advance, we can pull your plants from the poly-huts while they are dormant (early March). We can hold your order dormant until the first of April. April 1st is our last date to ship dormant plant material.
Q.) How should I care for the plant material prior to planting or potting?
A.) Take them out of the shipping containers and water them. If they will be held for days, rather than hours, most will do best if kept out of the afternoon sun.
Q.) What type of fertilizer program have the stock been on?
A.) Slow release fertilizer is incorporated into the media at potting time. Supplemental feedings of soluble fertilizer augments the regime. In the spring, these soluble feedings continue at 7 to 10 day intervals.

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