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A fundamental truth we at D&B Plants believe is that as a company our survival and viability is solely dependent on our customers success with the plant material we nurture and provide.

Producing vigorous well branched, thoroughly rooted starter plant material, that integrates well with the timing, cultural methods and systems our clients utilize, is our objective. To accomplish this objective D&B Plants will strive towards continual training and promotion of our motivated employees, as well as implementing the most effective, environmentally compatible blend of traditional and high tech equipment and techniques.


"I've been in association with Bob Kuszmaul for over twenty years. Here at Ray Wiegand's Nursery the lining out stock we have received from D & B Plants has performed very well consistently thru the seasons. The real benefit has been the coordination of timing, pot size, and shipping arrangements."

Marv Wiegand

Ray Wiegand's Nursery, Macomb, Michigan

"We have been doing business with D & B Nursery for five years and have always found them to be an exceptional supplier of liners. They have a good inventory system and always know what they have available and what shape it’s in. Their liners are consistent and good value for the money---and they ship us what we order."

Robin Rinaca

Eastern Shore Nursery of Virginia

"D&B Plants has been a consistent supplier of quality liners for our company. We have dealt with them over the past 8 years and have always been more than satisfied with the quality of their products. Bob Kuszmaul, owner/operator has kept us alert to any changes or problems occurring, so we have never been "surprised" when our shipments arrive. He has cared enough to ask if we have need of any new plant material he might consider adding to his product line. All in all, we would hope all our other suppliers would provide the consistency, quality and caring D&B has shown. Keep up the good work Bob!"

Steve Hetz

Fairview Evergreen

"I've known Bob for twenty years and done business with him for the last dozen.He offers an up to date diverse product line, but the real value comes with the healthy sized plant material that can shave important turn time, increasing profitability."

Bill Hendricks

Klyn Nurseries

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